Molecular Sieves

  1. Synthetic zeolite molecular sieves have pore structures and sizes that are consistently precise and uniform. Their size and polarity allow them to adsorb gases and liquids preferentially. Natural Zeolites are highly porous, crystalline solids in the aluminosilicate class. Molecular sieves fall into four main categories: 3A, 4A, 5A, and 13X. The type will depend on the chemical formula and the pore size of the molecular sieve. Molecular sieves are mainly used to dry ethanol. These have many applications that can enhance our everyday life. These have been applied to almost all products in some way. Our company has zeolite molecular sieves 3A and 13X in addition to carbon and UOP molecular sieves.
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  2. Honeywell UOP MOLSIV PSA O2 HP

    Honeywell UOP MOLSIV PSA O2 HP

    Pack Size: 135
    Usage: Industrial, Laboratory
    Base: Sodium
    Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Technical Grade, Chemical Grade
    Color: Light Brown
    Diameter: 1.4-2.0 Millimeter (mm)
    Application: Medical grade oxygen generation in PSA towers
  3. Jalon JLOX-501A

      This is material is Jalon JLOX-501A sodium-based molecular sieves for oxygen concentrator. Dimension is 0.4-0.8mm. These molecular sieves are used for medical-grade oxygen generation.
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